Cork Design

Living furniture & objects 


beauty and functionality,

using a natural material...cork



Cork has been differentiate from other materials all over the years, for your exclusive properties and unique environmental characteristics. It is a renewable resource, recyclable, non toxic and durable whit excelent physical and mechanical properties, which is not extracted trough a process of cutting trees.


We present this furniture range has an upgrade of a sustainable industry (cork industry), because all the production process and raw materials are free from any chemical. Cork is so perfect has a raw material that no industrial or tecnological processes have yet been able to replicate.


A high quality eco-design product offering a complete range of furniture and accessories products, designed by a specialized team of designers.


If you are a looking for a creativity, quality and eco-efficient product, maybe you have here some options.


New to cork? Check out our furniture range



Are you searching for bespoke cork furniture?

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 Following your initial enquiry, our sales team will discuss your project details and requirements

Bath & Lamp collection

The Bath Collection incorporate traditional materials in bold new design creations, bathroom oriented.

Despite being such a traditional material, cork is employed in a very innovative and unexpected way. The main options are for two kinds of materials: agglomerated cork and rubber-cork composite.


These products have a finishing that provides them with the wear and tear protection they need for everyday use.



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